Famous Canadian-Born Male Actors

Continuing last month’s trend, we’ll be continuing our list of famous actors from Canada. Today, we’ll be exploring the male side of the gender spectrum!

Dan Aykroyd

Arguably one of the well-beloved pop culture icons of our time, Daniel Edward “Dan” Aykroyd was born on Canada Day! That’s right. He was born on July 1, 1952 at Ottawa General Hospital in Ottawa Ontario, Canada.

One of the fun facts about him is that he was born with syndactyly or webbed toes. He’s held so many roles that are well-known like Beldar, the patriarch of the Coneheads family. He is well-known for all his impersonations during his stint on Saturday Night Live. One of his best-received performances was in Trading Places, the 1983 comedy where he co-starred with Eddie Murphy and Jaime Lee Curtis.

Will Arnett

William Emerson “Will” Arnett was born on May 4, 1970 in Toronto, Ontario. He took theatre classes at the Tarragon Theatre. He started auditioning for commercials in Toronto as encouraged by his mother who knew his love for acting. In 1990, he moved to New York City to study acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute.

He landed the role of George Oscar “Gob” Bluth in the Fox comedy series, Arrested Development where he earned an Emmy nod. His exposure in Arrested Development ushered in more roles which earned him more popularity.

Ryan Reynolds

Born on October 23, 1978 as Ryan Rodney Reynolds in Vancouver, British Columbia. He’s one of the more easily recognized of late because of his role as the foul-mouthed mercenary Deadpool. A majority of his roles were in the genre of comedy but he made the switch into action through the character Hannibal King in the 2004 film Blade: Trinity.

He has starred in numerous films and was even in Buried, a favored Spanish and American thriller that premiered at the Sundance film festival. He is presently married to actress Blake Lively and have two daughters together.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Thomas Gosling was born on November 12, 1980 in London, Ontario. He had an early start with his stint at the Disney Channel’s Mickey Mouse Club. It was a job that he goes on to describe that was the two greatest years of his life.

It wasn’t until his role in The Believer (2011) that he was taken seriously as an actor and not just a performer. The Los Angeles Times praised his “electrifying and terrifyingly convincing” performance. The film won the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Festival. He captured the hearts of Nicholas Sparks fans everywhere when he was cast into the role of Noah Calhoun. His more recent success is the musical comedy La La Land where he earned a second Academy Award for Best Actor nomination.

His fans are eagerly seeing what role he’ll play in the sequel to Blade Runner.

Seth Rogen

Seth Aaron Rogen was born on April 15, 1982 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Arguably one of the more multi-talented celebrities, he is an actor, filmmaker, and comedian.  He is best known for his comedic roles in films like Knocked Up! and This Is The End.

Rogen co-wrote the rough draft of the teen comedy Superbad with a childhood friend at the tender age of 13. He has enjoyed several successes as a writer. Rogen even received a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for his work for Sacha Baron Cohen’s last season of Da Ali G Show in 2004. Other than enjoying commercial successes in his film roles, he is also an active philanthropist who engages in several charities.

Rogen is a member of Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity Lambda Delta Chapter at The University of Vermont. He was initiated in April 2017 after his fourth visit to the campus for his Hilarity for Charity movement.