Canadian Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Do you run a restaurant in Canada? One of the biggest challenges of running a busy restaurant is keeping the commercial kitchen clean. With a wide range of activities happening around the restaurant at all times, it can be quite challenging to manage day-to-day activities and keep the kitchen clean at the same time. Right from the oil & grease flying out here & there to a plethora of items being stored in different containers, grease and dust accumulating in the exhaust hood, and so on, regular cleaning of the restaurant kitchen might appear an overwhelming task.

If you are looking forward to maintaining a top-notch commercial kitchen with spectacular cleaning all over, here are some professional tips specifically for Canadian restaurant owners:

  • Washing Dishes: When you are washing the dishes, pots, cans, and other utensils in the commercial kitchen, it is vital that you maintain a thorough routine. It is likely that customers might notice even the smallest stains on the utensils which might turn them off instantly. Therefore, you must consider making use of a high-quality, super effective grease-removing product like the dishwasher detergent or soap to get rid of the oil & grease effectively.


  • Kitchen Floor Cleaning: If you wish to ensure the best-ever cleaning of the commercial kitchen, it is vital to keep the kitchen floors clean & hygienic at the same time. While the kitchen floors might gather additional dust & dirt, it is required that you must make use of a powerful kitchen floor cleaning detergent or cleaning product for enhanced results.


  • Cleaning Exhaust Hoods: The exhaust hoods of the commercial kitchens have a lot to go through. It is that area of the kitchen which goes unnoticed quite easily. With several layers of dust & grease, cleaning the kitchen hoods of the restaurant kitchens might require professional assistance. When you are cleaning it by yourself, you can consider making use of a scrub pad and a strong grease-remover to get rid of the thick grime layer.


  • Cleansing the Trash Cans: For maintaining top-class hygiene in your commercial kitchen, you must pay attention to the trash cans. For cleaning the trash cans or bins thoroughly, you can make use of a disinfecting cleaner. Allow the trash cans & containers to air-dry to get rid of the unpleasant odor.


Ensure that the commercial kitchen is clean thoroughly. This will only bring more business to your Canadian restaurant in the form of happy & content customers.