Meals on Wheels: Toronto’s Best Food Trucks

Other than the friendly community and the spectacular sights, another thing that’s adding to Toronto’s prestige is the rise of food trucks. Despite having strict regulations about trucks and food, the demand for meals on the go has been getting stronger. So it with some provisions in place, certain food truck establishments have steadily created a name and a following!

In this article, let’s take a look at some of Toronto’s staple Food Trucks!

Kal and Mooy

The usual staple of food trucks is to provide familiar comfort food to its customers. However, Kal and Mooy wanted to bring something different to the Toronto food scene so they shared their Somalian cuisine. Of course, they have meat on the menu but if you really want to bite down on what makes Somalian food great, have a go at the veggie version of their offerings.

For example, their Spinach Anjera which is a medley of organic kale, spinach, green beans, mushroom, zucchini, and peppers tossed together with the special homemade Kal & Mooy sauce which comes in hot or mild.

Sadly, Kal and Mooy don’t operate on weekends and stay strictly on an M-F schedule. Those that wish to partake of their fare would do well to follow @kalandMooy on Twitter to be updated on where the scrumptious food truck will be parked for the day.

Portobello Burger

Diving away from the usual fare of meat, the husband and wife tandem of Portobello Burger decided to offer an all vegetable/vegan menu.

Their namesake offering the Portobello Burger (which has a vegan variation) is a Portobello mushroom cap burger served on a whole grain Ciabatta bun that’s layered with Chipotle mayo, lettuce, tomato, onions, sweet red peppers, and melted goat cheese!

For those with gluten allergies, this food truck is surely an answer to your prayers! They have several options in their menu that have a gluten-free variation. If you want to catch this delicious veggie haven, stay tuned to their website as they constantly update dates and locations.


This particular food truck has the boast of being Toronto’s first dumpling food truck! Not only that but they also have the additional bragging right of being the winners of Food Network’s “Food Truck Face Off”. Cam and Ada started their pop-up venture in 2012 and have created quite a following since then.

They offer more than just their famous dumplings, too! They also have belly filling sandwiches and noodles—all crafted with and authentic Asian cuisine feel.

If you’re ever craving for some good feasTO dumplings, tune in to their website for a fast-updating curbside schedule and location. Or you can use your phone and download the Toronto Food Trucks app and spot them there.

Gourmet Gringos

You can never go wrong with an authentic Mexican Grill and the owners of Gourmet Gringos hit the nail on the head! Best friends Terry and Krystian craved empanada and had the epiphany that no one had Latin food fare in the Toronto food market.

One of the food trucks to reach so much success that they have various brick and mortar locations in key locations, Gourmet Gringos now also deliver to hungry clients. Be sure to try their Beef Short Ribs Barbacoa—a hefty burrito serving that’s sure to hit the spot!

Finding them is relatively easy as well as their website constantly updates on store locations and truck locations as well.