Who We Are

Welcome to Canada Bulletin Board

We are the Canada Bulletin Board team.  Each of our members has lived in both the US and Canada at one point in our lives.  Two of our team members also studied in the US.

Meet the team (from left to right):

Team CBB

  • Sarah – BS in Marketing from U Penn in the US
  • Mark – Master’s in Environmental Sciences from Syracuse University in the US
  • Michelle – GED, prior work in climate analysis
  • Charles – BS in Environmental Sciences from Conestoga in Canada (Yours Truly)

We’ve noticed similarities and differences between the US and Canada as you would expect from a diverse team, which we bring to light where applicable.  We enjoy living in this great country of Canada; we ran into each other by chance and we’re all together now and that’s the way it will stay for the foreseeable future.  Everyone on likes to write about different topics, but I typically post for the group.  I prefer to write about history, which you’ll notice if you read my latest post on Native Americans.  Sarah enjoys popular culture and the social scene, but she hasn’t written anything recently for me to put up.  I believe she’ll be writing about Canadian clubs soon.  Michelle and Mark typically write about environmental impact issues.  We don’t have any social media yet, but it’s coming soon as we’re building our following.  We would love to have you stop back to read our articles and please feel free to email us with any comments or questions.  The team would be happy to hear from you.